Armenians and Georgians of Javakhk will join against Meskhetians

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Paata Zakareishvili:
Georgia will never go against Armenia (abstract)

Georgia’s participation in joint Azeri and Turkish projects that isolate Armenia, resulted in such a situation, when a lot of people in Yerevan began to accept Georgia as a non-friendly country. The growing anti-Russian sentiments within Georgian authorities alongside with country’s goal to integrate NATO as soon as possible, may result in change of balance of powers in the region. Member of the Republican Party of Georgia, political scientist Paata Zakareishvili told the PanARMENIAN.Net journalist about the situation in Georgia.
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Much is talked about the possible return of Turk-Meskhetians to Georgia, particularly to Javakhk. How can it influence on the stability in Samtskhe-Javakheti and in Georgia generally?

Let’s first of all say that Meskhetians’ desire to resettle in Georgia is too exaggerated. According to the latest information, there are 130 000 Turk-Meskhetians residing in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries, only 20 000 of which want to return. Note a lot of them do not want to leave from a Muslim country and reside in a Christian one –Georgia. They’d rather go to Turkey. It is not expected a mass settlement by Turk-Meskhetians in Samtskhe-Javakheti, no Georgia government will initiate such a stem. Most likely Armenians and Georgians of Javakhk will join against Meskhetians.

Won’t you deny that anti-Armenian sentiments are high in Georgia? Who is blamed for it?

Georgia still does not feel herself as a state and that’s why there exists a policy of self-affirmation, which supposes nationalism. Generally it exists on everyday level, but Georgians need an image of enemy and Armenians became such an image. But the matter is not in Armenians, the matter is in Georgians themselves, in Georgian mentality. They treat bad Azeris too. It’s true that now nobody speaks like the times when Gamsakhurdia was the president of the country, “Georgia for Georgians”, but still some traces of those times remain. Only the Georgian government is guilty in the Javakhk problem. I think there is nothing dangareos than granting autonomy, including Javakhk. The notion of “autonomy” supposes only self-government.

And that’s why we should not forget that the Georgian society suffers from phobia towards autonomies, which is quite explainable taking into account separated autonomies of Georgia – Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We view all steps taken by Armenians of Javakhk towards receiving autonomy as efforts for full separation, but this is not the case. The cause of phobia is in the reason that we do not know each other. We must seat and discuss what Armenians of Javakhk want and what Georgia can offer them.
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